Wingin' It w/ Jasmine Baker - The Dallas Wings Hex

Ep. 1 - 6.20.19 The Wings won their second consecutive game, but we wonder, did Iowa put a hex on Dallas? If so, is it lifted with the pick up of Iowa legend Megan Gustafson? I talked to her and Wings fans on their thoughts. 

Kayla Thornton had a career night, Thick Mani showed us her PG skills and how is Coach Agler preparing for the team's first matchup against Liz Cambage and the Aces.

Wingin’ It w/ Jasmine Baker - The Unboxing

Ep. 2 - 7.7.19 In this episode I take a look at few WNBA memorabilia items and do an unboxing.


Monsieuryves Cantinella featured my interviews with WNBA players discussing female players in NBA Live 19  at the 2018 WNBA All-Star Game.

Winsidr show- Wings early 2019 season (ft Jasmine Baker)

This episode Rachel and Aryeh are joined by Jasmine Baker to talk all things Wings and few league website discussions.

Winsidr Show - Toronto & W Power Structure

This episode Aryeh is joined by Jasmine Baker to discuss the Toronto bid and the W power structure. 

The Comeback Kid - KETR 88.9 FM Production

Texas A&M-Commerce redshirt Senior Princess Davis leaves a legacy.  (Production by Jasmine Baker)

Skylar Diggins-Smith X PUMA

Skylar Diggins-Smith  Hints At New Collaboration With PUMA (2018)